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Welcome to New Jersey International Pageants

Empowering Women and Communities

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Our 2023 New Jersey International Queens

Congratulations from the New Jersey International Pageants team and your sisterhood. 

New Jersey International Pageants works tirelessly to provide a platform for a number of pressing issues affecting our community. Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our battle is against indifference, and we would love for you to become part of that change today.


Ava A.

Miss Pre Teen New Jersey International 2023


Brianna Worden

Miss Garden State International 2023


Soumya Karne

Miss New Jersey International 2023


Jackie Schiffer

Ms. New Jersey International 2023


Julie Cangialosi

Mrs. New Jersey International 2023

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2023 New Jersey International Queens

Sisterhood symbolizes all that we wish to accomplish in our lives.  It represents the struggles we all face as we grow.  Why we cling to sisterhood is hard to explain.  In the end, we are stronger through sisterhood.  When we are strong, we can then strengthen our families and communities.

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2023 Sponsor of the Year

Revolutionize Nutrition

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Now Accepting Applications for the Class of 2024

Do it for you, do it for your community, just do it!

Please visit our Compete page, or click the button below for 2024 fees, rules & regulations, division requirements, and areas of competition. 


Experience the Excitement

Experience the excitement at our LIVE pageant choreographed by Rebecca Lea Chisholm.  Our 2023 production will leave you feeling like the Rock Stars that you are.  Don't miss out. This is your moment to SHINE!

Join a Sisterhood

In sisterhood, women are empowered.  Because in sisterhood, you're essential.  What you represent matters.  Being supported is a big part of a sisterhood.  Your sisters have your back.  This allows you to stand up with confidence and be the leader of your happiness and success.  Join our sisterhood.

Make a Difference

Is there something that you are passionate about and would love to get your message out?  Our local and state queens have the opportunity to be heard.  You are supported by your two directors and your sisterhood the entire way.  Take this opportunity to inspire and be inspired.

Don't hesitate, local titles have already been awarded.  There is never too much time to get your message out and prepare for your moment on that stage!

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A Sisterhood Event

A December to Rember

On December 27, 2021, the New Jersey International Pageants sisterhood attended the East Brunswick Senior Center event.  The afternoon included a fashion show with our state and local titleholders, dancing, and the crowning of Ms. EB Senior Center.  The event was a fun-filled afternoon bringing together the seniors in the community, hosted by the Director for the Department on Aging, Danielle Micale.

We look forward to returning next year and crowning the next Ms. EB Senior Center.

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